During the 1st and 2nd call for proposals, 77 projects passed the evaluation process and were supported by LCF.

Below are some examples of the projects which were supported by LCF.


Shoe-making in Nyagatare

There are multiple projects funded by LCF which are in shoe-making, one of them is located in Nyagatere. This project consists of 3 partners, each active in a different section of the value chain: one partner designs and manufactures a broad range of shoes for women and men, while another partner supplies raw materials for the shoes, and the third partner offers shoe repair services to the customers. The project receives a total of RwF 8.500.000 (€9.700) which is distributed among the partners to grow their businesses.



Bamboo-processing in Rutsiro

Two businesses in Rutsiro have formed a partnership in the value-chain of bamboo-processing. The first partner is growing bamboo (raw material), while the other partner is processing the bamboo to lamp-shades, baskets and other handcraft products. The project will receive a total funding from LCF of RwF 37.000.000 (€ 35.238)



Banana-processing in Gisagara

Gisagara District is home to a banana processing unit, making a local banana beer. The unit is among 20 first banana processors which were awarded the S-Mark by the Rwanda Standards Board. Together with 1 other partner they are currently implementing an LCF project. The project will receive a total budget of RwF 27.055.378 (€ 25.764) which will be used for the extension of the banana plantation of the partner, as well as buying improved machines and equipment for the banana-processing plant.



Honey-processing in Gakenke

Several LCF funded projects in different Districts are linked to the honey value chain. One of them is in Gakenke. The project brings together three partners: two of them focus on beekeeping, while the 3rd partner, focuses on a combination of beekeeping and honey-processing as well as the production of beeswax productsn(candles, vaseline, ...). The project receives a funding of RwF 9.000.000 (€ 8.570).

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