Important Dates

The official launch of LCF Call 3: 30th of November 2020

1st call for expressions of interest: 26 November 2020 8 AM

Information session in districts

In each District, information sessions will be organized to explain and assist potential applicants for LCF. During information sessions, a brochure explaining LCF, these guidelines, and application documents will be available in hard copy.

KIREHE, RULINDO, NYAMAGABE (12th-14th October 2020)

GATSIBO, KARONGI, GISAGARA (15th-16th October 2020)

BURERA, NYAMASHEKE, HUYE (19th-21st October 2020)

Deadlines during the application process:

  • Deadline for submission of expression of interest under call 3: 6th November 2020 5 PM
  • Expression of interest note approval and notification under call 3: 27 November 2020
  • Deadline for submission of full application document under call 3: 11 December 2020 5 PM
  • Notification of provisional results of review full application documents call 3: 24 December 2017
  • Publish awarding decision 1st call:  8 January 2021
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